Water Filtration Plants

Project Description

There are a lot of physical and chemical impurities in the water supply of houses which can be examined by observing the water storage tank. Usually, the water storage tank has a lot of dirt which can sometimes be seen in water taps. This problem can be solved by having a whole house filtration plant. And as manufacturer of the water filtration plants, we understand the need of clean water supply.

Water Filtration Plant Working:

The filtration plant cleans and purifies water in four stages.

Water Filtration Plants
Water Filtration Plants Stages

Key Features of Water Filtration Plant:

  • High-Quality effluent with turbidity output water: ≤ 0.2NTU
  • Suspended particulate matters >2um
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Low energy cost and easy operation
  • No chemical and pollutant

Commercial Filtration Plant:

The filtration plants are for commercial buildings like resorts, restaurants, hotels, public places, etc. the filtration plant removes, dust, rust, fungus, and other physical and chemicals impurities from water so that it is fit for consumption. Depending upon the need of the customer Waterman Engineers Australia as an exporter offer a wider range of water filtration plants.

Ultrafiltration Plants Working:

The water filtration technology in ultrafiltration plant design uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities from water. Reverse Osmosis technology is applied in these filtration plants to clean and purify water. The benefit of using this technology is that it can remove several molecules and ions, particles, as well as bacteria from water. The impurities are retained on the pressurized side of the membrane whereas the water passes through the membrane to the other side. Moreover, as suppliers of water filtration plants, the ultrafiltration plant price depends on the client’s requirements.

Water Filtration Plants

Key Features of Commercial Water Filtration Plant:

  • Low cost and easy operation.
  • In-place system, cleaning is optional when necessary.
  • High concentrate recycling with a good rejection rate.
  • >Large capacity and suitable for industries as well.

Commercial Water Purification Plant Design Basis:

The raw water is (TDS: ≤2000ppm)

  • Permeate output is optional according to the requirement (25℃)
  • Seawater input temperature:4℃~45℃

Permeate output quality: TDS≤60-100 ppm, WHO direct drinking standard

Industrial Filtration Plant:

The filtration of water is a vital and critical part of the industry. Industries heavily rely on water and for them to work smoothly and efficiently, water purification is important. Water is used in various steps of the industrial process and water filtration is required in almost all the steps. To remove impurities, water has to go through sand filters, carbon filters, water softeners, and screen filters. 

Industrial Filtration Plants Working:

Intake: water is drawn through gravity or pimps into the filtration plant. It passes through a metal grate or mesh screen that prevents large particles from entering the system.

Clarification: in this multistep process suspended particles are removed. It starts with coagulation in much the particles form clumps due to chemicals and pH adjusters. After this flocculation takes place that involves physical agitation and causes the formation of large particles. Then comes sedimentation in which the stream flows to a gravity settler and the particles settle down t the bottom known and sludge blanket. Then any remaining particles are removed by passing the stream through a sand filter.

Water Filtration Plants

Disinfection: if water is biologically contaminated, the pathogens can be removed by the application of chemical disinfectants, physical disinfectants, and membrane filtration.

Lime softening: This step removes the hardness of water by using lime pr lime soda which raises the pH of the water and causes mineral constituents to precipitate out of water.

Ion exchange: Hardness can also be removed in an XI unit. Water is passed through an acid cation resin charged with sodium. the resin captures calcium or magnesium ions and releases sodium on in the water.

Distribution: After filtration water is pumped or routed for use.

Industrial Water Purification System Design:

Water Filtration Plants

Advantages of Water Filtration Plant:

  • Water filtration plants remove impurities and improve water quality.
  • Water is used for processing and operations in industries and facilities. By installing an efficient water filtration plant they can save a lot of money.
  • Moreover, a water treatment plant is also environmentally friendly.
  • Filtered water also has a good impact on our health.
  • Water filtration plants also protect us from disease-causing organisms.
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